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Land Paddle

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Looking for your balance?

Riding a skateboard has never been that easy, the key is to get the right balance on your leg as you push with the other.

Land Paddle is a great way to learn how to skate without having to learn the balance. Grab the Stick, use your upper body to push yourself, OFF YOU GO! You can also use the paddle as a breaking tool if you pick up too much speed on your longboard. 

Land Paddling is a great combination between Stand Up Paddle and Skateboard.

fitmum land paddle

Land Paddle made in Australia

We have developed the right Land Paddle that will give you a new Skateboarding experience.

The stick is made of Bamboo and Timber, on each side, you will find our eco-friendly 100% natural rubber (NR) road grips.

All Land Paddles will come with the logo Iron Branded straight onto the wood, we call it organic branding!

Please note that the SUP Skate sticks are manufactured from natural wooden materials. The colors, textures and wood grain will vary from item to item. 


Item Type: Land Paddle on boards

MaterialComposite bamboo and timber

Road grip balls color: Black

LandPaddle Size Guide:

1.80M = Rider's height from 1.60m tall

1.50M = Rider's height between 1.10m and 1.60m tall

1.20M = Rider's height up to 1.10m tall