Longboard Skateboard Surfboard, which one?

Longboard Skateboard Surfboard, which one?

What do I need?

Because we are all different and all have a unique style of riding, the choice of your board is a game changer.


The Cruiser longboard

This one is like the average of all type of boards available. The trucks offer the possibility to adjust the flexibility of the turns, it's also the most common type of trucks. You can enjoy a classic ride without much bumps and actions, or you can push hard and turn hard!

longboard cruiser


The Surf longboard

If you're looking to emulate the feeling of surfing, you need to go with those ones. Supported by specific trucks, you can use your hips to get you moving forward without pushing with your leg Then use your SUPSkate Paddle to give you some support!

surf skate girl beach


The safe longboard

 The famous brand Onda Longa offers the safest and comfiest solution out there for Land Paddling. The wide Bamboo Deck gives a lot of stability when the big wheels absorb all the road bumps and can go over the grass without being stopped. The Beginners would most likely start land paddling on those boards offer the safest ride.onda longa land paddle board


Tell me your board and I tell you who you are